Coarse fishing on our own lakes nearby-Bakers Mill Holiday Cottages

Bakers Mill Holiday Cottages

Coarse Fishing

Available on our two private fishing lakes close to the holiday cottages, these are two well established lakes covering about 1.5 acres of varying depths to 10 feet.

The lakes, although not large are well stocked with carp to double figures, bream to 10lb, tench and roach, all of which are in excellent condition, providing the more experienced angler with an enjoyable trip, whilst being fun for the family and providing good sport for all. Recent anglers have caught 10lb carp and 2.5lb tench and some nice roach.

         one of the fishing lakes

Located just 5 minutes drive from the cottages, with a panoramic view down the Axe valley, the rural setting provides the perfect place to relax, fish, and observe the wildlife; foxes, deer and towards evening, badgers can be spotted along with quite a few species of waterfowl. The lakes have been fenced to keep otters out so it is possible you may see one of these elusive creatures about too.

You are welcome to picnic at the lakes, but please keep dogs under strict control and take all your litter home.

Please note that the lakes may not be very accessible to those who have mobility issues. The hill down to the lakes is quite steep and discretion should be used when driving down to the lakeside as it is not possible in all weathers and will also be dependant on the capability of your vehicle.

Please note there are no toilets at the lakes.

          Caught by a visitor Summer 2016.